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DMANF Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard


Sample DMANF Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard

Template for DMANF Nonprofit Accountability Dashboard

DMA Nonprofit Federation Principles & Best Practices for Accountability in Fundraising

DMA Member Guidelines Annotated for the Nonprofit Community

A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Canada’s Anti-Spam Law “CASL”

DMA Consumer Choice Services

The DMA asks that all members abide by consumer choices for their marketing offers, regardless of the marketing channels used. The DMA provides several suppression file services to its subscribers to process as they prepare marketing & fundraising campaigns.

Dual DMA & DMANF nonprofit members should contact Alicia Osgood at the DMANF as there is special consideration on pricing from DMA's third-party provider Interactive Marketing Solutions for nonprofits not already benefitting from these services via their agencies/suppliers. Email to start the process. Available Services Listing

DMANF Ethics Committee
Fundraising Ethics Guide for the Small Nonprofit
While geared toward small nonprofits, the guide is a useful reminder for nonprofits of all sizes.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act Fact Sheet

Advisory (New Rules Effective 10.16.13) -- Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) & Robocalls

The Truth about Your Data -- What is & is not marketing data? Clear up the confusion & stop the misinformation out there with this infographic from the DMA's Data-Driven Marketing Institute (DDMI).

Studies Take the Bite Out of Watchdogs
Read Executive Summaries of the Federation's Groundbreaking & Revealing Watchdog Studies

Executive Summary: Charity Rating Scales 

Executive Summary: Reframing the Discussion about Nonprofit Effectiveness

Read the latest from Dan Pallotta, nonprofit sector innovation expert & author of Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential, on his blog

**Join the DMA’s Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR) Compliance Officer Network by completing this form.

Prerecorded Message Alert, October 2009 

How to Comply with the Commitment to Consumer Choice, October 2009

Take the DMA ‘Green 15’ Pledge… and Achieve the Triple Bottom Line!  The Road to Sustainability Starts Here.
Fundraiser Pledge
Supplier Pledge

Contracting with Fundraising Professionals

DMA's Email Authentication Requirement

DMA Member Principles

The Nonprofit Federation intends and believes that its guidelines for ethical behavior are the strictest and most comprehensive in both the direct marketing and charitable communities. As an operating division of the Direct Marketing Association, the Nonprofit Federation requires its members to adhere to the same ethical guidelines as other DMA members, as delineated in the Commitment to Consumer Choice, which all DMA members are required to sign, and the Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice (a specially annotated version for DMANF members) and the Donor’s Bill of Rights, as adopted by the Nonprofit Federation and other major organizations representing the nonprofit sector. Members and staff monitor the actions of the membership and of others in the nonprofit community, and take appropriate action in cases of suspected ethical violations.

The Donor Bill of Rights

**Complaints to the DMA Committee on Ethical Business Practice are handled confidentially. If possible, complaints are resolved by modifying the offending documents or procedures, which the Committee reviews before closing the case. If a known violation continues, the Committee will publicize its findings, including the name of the violator and the facts of the case. Where a law may have been violated, it forwards the case to the appropriate law enforcement agency, and publicizes the referral.

Donor Information

Disaster Relief Donor Guidelines

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The agencies and suppliers who Partner with the Federation provide a wide variety of services to the nonprofit sector.

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